Canmore Business Excellence | A New Benefit for our Members: CoWorking Visa
Bow Valley CoWork Space. The Centre for Business Excellence offers a collaborative working environment within a dynamic community to help dreams become reality.
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A New Benefit for our Members: CoWorking Visa

03 Jun A New Benefit for our Members: CoWorking Visa

The Coworking Visa allows active members of one space to use other coworking spaces around the world for free for a set number of days (3 is the default).

Terms vary from space to space with regard to hours of operation, how many days are offered, reservation requirements, etc., so be sure to check the Visa terms for the space you want to visit.

So, if you need to work while travelling – or just need some new scenery, visit the CoWorking Visa Wiki and CoWorking Visa Map to book your workspace.  There’s over 450 spaces to choose from worldwide!  Give us a heads up, and we’ll confirm your Membership with our colleagues around the world!