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Bow Valley CoWork Space. The Centre for Business Excellence offers a collaborative working environment within a dynamic community to help dreams become reality.
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Start where you are….. use what you have……. go where you can!

Entrepreneurs Connect

29 Mar Start where you are….. use what you have……. go where you can!

Entrepreneurs Connect

Featuring Balance Point Founder Chris Niles on April 6th from 6-8 PM






The What?

Often when we are running our businesses, we fall into the trap of thinking that if we only had more of “something” or a resource that is currently beyond our reach that our worlds would be different.

But, this often results in us not taking action when in fact we are surrounded by lots of resources that we could use to create fantastic outcomes.

The proposed 90-minute session will build on this theme to help all the EC members to use the resources, ideas and energy around them to achieve far more than they thought possible.

The Why?

The business environment in Alberta is likely to be challenging for the foreseeable future. While the price of hydrocarbons will inevitably rebound, there are structural and societal changes in the global energy sector that will have long term and challenging impacts on Alberta. These shifts will bring many challenges and opportunities for all member of this EC group.

But, fear not ECers……we are surrounded with far more resources than, with a bit of ingenuity can be used to create outstanding results for all your businesses. As we discover how we can use these resources, we also discover that it is in fact, not the restriction of resources around our business, but rather our own self- imposed limits that in fact cause our business to fall short of what they are capable of.

The How?

The proposed facilitation will take an experiential approach to creating a fresh perspective on how EC members can generate an inventory of resources that can be used in creative and interesting new ways.


Chris Niles Bio

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