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Presentation as Science and Art

19 Jun Presentation as Science and Art

Wednesday, June 22nd at 12:00 noon, by Design4Change

Presenting to an audience in any forum can certainly be a challenging if not frightening experience. Notwithstanding your own nerves potentially getting in the way of your confidence, you also have to contend with atmosphere, technology, and possibly distracted or waning attention.

With an understanding of your own triggers of behaviour, coupled with intentional presentation design theory, speaking to an audience can be a valuable marketing tool and well worth the time and energy it takes to craft a lasting impression.

In this presentation, Tyler Massie from Design4Change will outline best practices for creating an effective and memorable performance, whether you are sharing knowledge with a small audience, pitching to investors, or speaking to a captive crowd at the next TED conference.

Tickets (click here) – $25  

Complimentary for CoWorking Members

About our Expert:

Tyler Massie, Design4Change

Tyler is the Managing Director of Design4Change, a boutique not-for-profit marketing agency located onsite at Mount Royal University. Design4Change exists to provide meaningful employment experience to students on campus. Before joining this agency, Tyler established his career as an Account Manager for a regulatory oil and gas signage provider in Western Canada.

Tyler received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Mount Royal University with a major in Marketing. His areas of interest within this discipline include practices of emotional storytelling through brand development, visual communication through information design, and ethical practices of relationship management.