Canmore Business Excellence | Entrepreneurs Connect: Growth Strategies
Bow Valley CoWork Space. The Centre for Business Excellence offers a collaborative working environment within a dynamic community to help dreams become reality.
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Entrepreneurs Connect: Growth Strategies

04 Apr Entrepreneurs Connect: Growth Strategies

Intentional Growth

It is only natural that entrepreneurs are often obsessed with how to grow their business — it is easy to believe that a business hasto grow to be sustainable, and it is even easier to believe that bigger will mean better. The focus on how to grow, though, can overshadow what might be more crucial questions about growth: Why grow? and When to grow?

This session, facilitated by the Watershed Organizational Development Group in their ongoing partnership with e=mc2 The Centre for Business Excellence and the Entrepreneurs Connect program, will help businesses of all size look at the reasons for growth, and consider critical questions of timing and goals anchored in practices of strategic intention. You’ll leave with a better understanding of why you should or should not consider growing, and will be able to understand how to create a growth management plan connected to the clear mission and strategic plans of your company.

5:30 Food + Drink + Networking

6:00 Session Begins


*Included in the price of a Full-time CoWorking Membership at e=mc2 The Centre for Business Excellence

This monthly event offers you two things:

It’s a chance to meet with other entrepreneurs and business leaders in an environment where discussion and collaboration is welcomed.

You’ll also learn first-hand from our handpicked presenters as they share their experience and insight in how to handle common professional problems. Find co-founders, ways to kick-start your venture and new leads. You’ll walk away with new connections and some great ideas.

Join us – you’ll be glad you did.

Time: 1st Tuesday of each month, 5:30 – 8:00 p.m.